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Welcome to Havidad Nigeria Limited, Your agricultural products warehouse. Havidad exporters are one of the new liners in the agro-export train of the Nigeria’s agricultural export market. Our local farmers and agents work alongside with us throughout the season. We offer innovative and competitive prices of our agricultural items bearing in mind a robust  quality assurance in all our products.


We at Havidad Exports are fully prepared to offer you the best of all services you can get in this sector and assure you the highest grade of all our products. We are building a strong customer base as a new entrant in this sector and looking forward to a more rewarding and long lasting relationship with our clients and prospective customers.

With our experienced staff, we guarantee you a robust professionalism and competitive prices of all our products. You can order for our product samples to confirm our claims. we appeal to you to explore our site and see all our quality products.  Without any iota of doubt, a trial will convince you! Havidad is your one-stop agrio-products warehouse.

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Nigeria's Agricultural export profile

Nigeria’s agricultural exports to other countries increased by 77 per cent in 2018 due to intensified efforts at diversifying the economy.  The Government is beaming its search  light in agriculture and making it more attractive for agricultural investors and marketers.


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