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Havidad Nigeria Limited is a licensed exporter of agricultural products such as Ground nut, raw cashew nut, castor seed, dried split ginger, cocoa bean, unrefined shea butter etc. We ship to countries and Nations irrespective of where you are or live. 

Havidad Nigeria Limited is a NEPC licensed exporter of Agricultural products from Nigeria to countries and Nations. Irrespective of where you are or live, your order will be shipped to you.

Nigeria as a country, is endowed with natural land suitable for agricultural cash crop production and one of the best products you can bargain for in the international market.

Agricultural products are also the base of the Nigerian economy, supplying food not only for most Nigerians but also exporting crops and fruits to other countries as well. 

Nigeria’s diverse climate, which varies from tropical to subtropical makes it easy to grow almost all agricultural products in the region. For this reason, more than 33% of Nigeria’s land area is cultivated by farmers. Usually, small farms produce more products. It is estimated that they are responsible for about 80% of the total agricultural products. 

Farm land Nigeria

Quality products from Nigeria

Products in large quantity from Nigeria include:

Major  crops include beans, sesame, cashew nuts, cassava, cocoa beans, groundnuts, gum arabic, kolanut, maize (corn), melon, millet, palm kernels, palm oil, plantains, rice, rubber, sorghum, soybeans, bananas and yams. In the past, Nigeria was famous for the export of groundnut and palm kernel oil. 

Agricultural Transformation in Nigeria